Before & After

Billion of people in the whole world cann't find one cent or let's say 1 fils to have a sandwich or juice or whatever , they live in poorly environment , at the same time we can see many people who have many many many million(zzzzz) & they can't find the way to spend their money so any kind of flaw they find it on the face or body or even their butt :p

Quickly to the plastic surgeon , feel comfortable after they signed the check , but wait a minute let's have fun and watch the differences between the past & the present :p

enjoy :D

Finally you should thank your god for giving you your beautiful wife :p
for girls stay away from the plastic surgery wait until you reach 70 :p


Bint ilKuwait يقول...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL il7imdillah wel shiker allahuma la shamata!

Made n Q8 يقول...

امبييه في بعضهم صاروا بشعيين بشكل مخييف